A Blueprint for Freedom

Mankind has fallen to where we are now because entire generations have been kept cozy and comfortable, by a society that provides for them.  So much so that they’ve grown to take these skills and knowledge for granted and our culture has lost it’s right of passage from being a child to becoming an adult who provides for themselves. 

Parents and schools are not teaching Children the knowledge and skills necessary to just LIVE in our natural environment, one could argue animals to a much better job raising their young!  Rather, this system has usurped the role of our Mother and Father and kept us dependent on what they provide.  Sadly, this is an inhuman system and it’s products are unnatural.

This has led our world to the problems we face today:  

  • Failing Supply Chains
  • Environmental Degradation
  • Scarcity
  • Division
  • Poor Health
  • Loss of Privacy
  • Loss of Bodily Autonomy
  • Loss of Freedom

I could go on…

All of this, due to a dependence on what has been provided for us artificially, rather than what has been provided for us naturally.

This is why we have small towns in the country, rich in resources, completely devoid of life and abundance.  They’re literally kept in chains, populated by these corporate chains that import harmful goods, rather than small businesses that grow locally and provide healthy abundance to their community.

Our world is at war and Natural biological Men and Women are rapidly becoming an endangered species.  It is this cold, Artificial System vs Nature,  Technology vs Biology, Evil and Death vs Good and Life.

The knowledge and skills to become self-reliant are not just there to save our own skin in case of an emergency, but are the very stones required to pave our way to freedom across the Earth.  They are the ticket for our future not just to survive, but to thrive! 


When we have a community of people equipped with these skills, there is nothing they can do to threaten our livelihood, they have no more power over us! 

This program empowers people with a “Plan B”, so they don’t need to make compromises  based out of fear of what may be taken from them, they can be secure in knowing they can live abundantly no matter what.  Best of all, once we gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities to become self-reliant, we can be ambassadors to our friends, family, community, and most importantly our children!

Learn it, live it, teach it!

I Want To Become More Self-Reliant

How does it work?

You will begin by filling out a questionnaire, which gathers basic information to help inform a 2-Hour (give or take) video or audio consultation (your preference).

The purpose of the consultation is to learn about your current situation, identify your goals, and find out where we can improve upon your knowledge, supplies, and abilities to design a customized a plan to help you become more Self-Reliant.

The system is broken down into three tiers to ensure the time is valuable, allowing us to go deeper into the areas you feel you need to address with the most urgency.

All tiers are designed so that you can benefit from the program regardless of your home size/lot size/location.

Your order will include:

  • A Personalized Digital Flipbook
    • Option to add on a Hardbound “Blueprint”
  • The Flipbook/Blueprint will include:
    • Your personalized plans
    • “How-to” Guides
    • Product Recommendations
    • Inventory Checklists
    • Instructional Videos
    • Subscription Recommendations
    • Local Resources
    • and much more!
  • Ongoing customer support

Tier 1

Emergency Preparedness

Focused on how you can be prepared for an emergency where you are, or bug out and survive in your local area. 

This includes how to supply yourself, recipes for long-term storage, and strategic preparations for a variety of scenarios.

Highlights include:

  • Preparedness
    (For a variety of scenarios)
  • Survival Basics
  • Planning to “Bug-In”
  • Home Security/ Personal Protection
  • Anatomy of a Bug-out Bag/Vehicle
  • Planning to “Bug-Out”
  • Foraging 101

Tier 2

Consumer to Producer

Focused on maximum regenerative food production and strategies to turn a profit from what you’re producing off your property.

Highlights include:

  • Dividing your property into “Zones” to minimize energy spent and maximize production
  • Raising Livestock (Big or Small)
  • Recommendations on Annual & Perennial Crops
  • Attracting Pollinators & Beekeeping Basics
  • Composting 101
  • Reducing Your Resource Consumption
  • Making a Profit From Your Abundance

Tier 3

Off-Grid Living

Focused on reducing your dependence on all aspects of the grid to get you on your way toward total self-reliance!

Highlights Include:

  • Homestead Buyer’s Guide (What to look for)
  • Food Preservation
  • Food Storage
  • Fermentation 101
  • Water Systems
  • Energy Systems
  • Health and Wellness
  • Seasonal Procedural Systems For Your Homestead (regardless of scale)
  • More Ways To Earn An Income From Your Homestead




Are you ready to commit to becoming more Self-Reliant?

Schedule your consultation today and set yourself on a course toward true Freedom and Abundance.

Let’s Do This!